The Fleur De Lis and French Quarter Market

Angela Carville Fluker founded French Quarter Market in 2006. Living in Louisiana gave Angela an appreciation for the fleur de lis in a way that made her want to create a retail site for fleur de lis home decor. The fleur is found through Louisiana, on flags, on buildings, and in home decor, and even on our state’s NFL team logo. We come from a very proud Who Dat Saints nation, an area that embraces the community and the spirit of the fleur. The fleur de lis is a symbol that represents hope, resilience, hospitality, and unity. French Quarter Market was founded on these principles with the fleur as our guide. What began as a small fleur de lis home decor retail company has expanded into something much greater, and we are so happy to have you on the journey with us..

Fleur De Lis - We Wrote the Book

After the success of FLEUR de LIS, The Book, our director, Casey Johnson, decided to delve deeper into the fleur’s history. Did you know that the fleur de lis has origins that can be traced back to ancient Egypt? In Casey’s latest book, Fleur of the Nile: Remaking the Fleur de Lis, he explores the fleur in its earliest, most basic form to the remaking of the symbol into the one we all recognize today. We’ve made it our priority to know the fleur de lis in all of its forms and imaginations, so that our fleur de lis decor is designed to suit many styles and tastes. Our fleur de lis books are our way of capturing the essence of the fleur.

New Year, New Styles

Here at French Quarter Market we’re ringing in the New Year with new styles. Everyone wants to make some changes to signify a new start, or a new chapter. We decided to follow suit with our Spring designs. Our Spring 2017 collections are full of new home decor collections to make freshening up your home easy. The new items help tell the collective story of the Gulf South. The embodiment of grace, charm, and a little sass make these home decor items perfect for all tastes and styles. From fleur de lis kitchen decor, to flirty beach bags, our new collections will have you falling in love with the designs.