Fleur de Lis Home Decor

If you walk along the streets of New Orleans you’ll see the obvious French influences, most notably the Fleur de Lis proudly and prominently displayed, but you’ll also see various cultures and histories interspersed throughout the city.  It comes as no surprise that New Orleans adopted the Fleur de Lis as its own and through its history and future, crafted a new meaning to the symbol.

The French Quarter, a place known for its vibrancy, for its hospitality, and for its charm.  It is often thought of as the gem of New Orleans.  All along the streets of the French Quarter the Fleur de Lis can be found.  As a symbol that represents hospitality, it has also been adopted as a symbol of hope, kindness, and rebirth by New Orleans.  The proud display echoes the history of the peoples that have passed through the French Quarter and the city, and have in a way, left their mark.  The Fleur de Lis is the ultimate symbol of welcome and hospitality.

In mimicking the ideals of the French Quarter, a Fleur is a necessity in any home.  As an enduring symbol of welcome, the fleur de lis the perfect way to incorporate the spirit of the French Quarter in your home decor. 

At French Quarter Market we seek to help you find the perfect decor to bring the French Quarter charm into your home.  Our inventory of fleur de lis home decor is varied to ensure there is something for everyone’s tastes and style.  The home is where the heart is, and we want you to love your decor.  Helping our customers find products that they love and want to incorporate into their home is our top priority.  We want to help you bring the spirit of the fleur de lis to life within your home decor.  

As a Louisiana owned and operated company, we take our Fleur de Lis seriously.  Our design team is constantly trying to remake the fleur de lis in a way that hasn’t been seen before.  We too want to embody the spirit of the French Quarter and incorporate the vibrant vitality you find in New Orleans in our decor.  We bring you fresh designs with the best quality products at the most affordable prices.  We want shopping at French Quarter Market to be a fun, easy experience.  And we want you to love the fleur de lis as much as we do.