Gather Around Gumbo Towel

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Hand Towels
Gather Around Gumbo Towel

Gather Around Gumbo makes for a great family night - pair this hand towel with our Gumbo Bowls to really get the full look. Our new Hand Towels bring out the fun. We’ve paired classic flour sack with brilliant designs that speak your story. Several are exclusives! Collect the black and whites for a classic look or go for color with our other designs. Paired with our Hallelujah Crawfish Cookbook you’ve got an instant gift that tells your own unique story. We’re working on more designs to bolster this awesome line!


  • Gather Around the Gumbo Hand Towel
  • Multiple Uses
  • Absorbent Flour Sack Material 
  • Measures 14 x 9" Folded
  • Measures 26 x 25" Unfolded
  • Design Measures 8 x 7"