Home Decor

In the heart of New Orleans, the French Quarter is the perfect reflection the spirit of Louisiana.  The grace, charm, and style of the French Quarter is often sought after to be replicated in home decor, and that is exactly what we at French Quarter Market aim to do.

Beginning with a small range of home decor products, French Quarter Market put down the roots it needed to grow.  In the recent years we’ve flourished with a larger, varied product line.  Featuring designs from our director and chief designer, Casey Delmont Johnson, as well as outside designers, the home decor collection at French Quarter Market has grown.  Our team aims to embody the spirit of New Orleans within our products and policy.  In doing so, we create the best products for you, our customers, at the lowest prices possible. 

French Quarter Market keeps an eye on trends to ensure that our designs and products are what you want, while keeping within the tradition of the French Quarter.  Our home decor products fit the classic styles to the rustic design, to meet every decor style.  The eclectic spirit of New Orleans is mimicked in our home decor collection.  We have something for everyone.